2 thoughts on “As a writer…”

  1. Greetings, RV!

    I have read your synopsis, and find the premise interesting. I have some magics being used in one of my stories, too, but the only variety which “addicts” is from the Abyss. The Power from the Æther drains the users energy to no permanent ill effects.

    I would look forward to reading some of Sapphire Gate to find out just how far she falls before rebounding and kicking some butt. (I’m funny that way.)

    1. Greetings, John T!

      Crystalyn does fall far indeed. She has to master symbol magic and survive on a world that seems as intent on killing her as her magic use does everytime she Uses. With use, comes greater power and stronger addiction.

      Will she strike a balance, or destroy half a world?

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